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There are no such things as stupid questions- just questions that are lost because they were never asked. Whether you've never placed an account with a collection agency, or you're just in the market for a new one, please browse through our F.A.Q. so you can get a better understanding of our process.

Identifying Debt

What kind of accounts does CRB accept?

We only collect on commercial accounts, meaning that the debt is from one business to another. We do not handle consumer accounts.

Here at CRB, our collectors have years of experience in dealing with accounts from just about any industry you could think of and we do not exclusively serve any one type of industry.

Is there a minimum balance or maximum age requirement for my account to be placed?

There is no minimum balance or maximum age required when placing an account.

How do I know if I should turn an account over to collections?

Generally, if your in-house collection efforts are not bringing in desired results after a few months, then it may be time to place an account with a collection agency.

Some conditions that usually apply are if your customer has disappeared, disputes the balance, refuses to pay, or is a habitual late-payer.

How long should I work an account in-house before turning it over to collections?

 It is recommended that accounts be placed at 90-180 DSO (3-6 months from the original invoice date). Working on an account too long in-house may diminish our abilities to collect the debt as it gives your customer more time to go out of business, get a new phone number, or come up with a better excuse as to why they are unable to pay. Placing an account with a collection agency tells your debtor that you are serious when it comes to collecting your money.

Why should I send my account to collections?

Since we only work on a contingency basis (no collect - no charge), there is really nothing to lose.

A collection agency will be able to give your accounts full attention. Even the accounts that you've just about given up on will be new to us, and we will be giving them a fresh start.

When debtors see that they are placed with a collection agency, it lets them know that they can't just hide behind the phone or ignore your collection efforts any longer.

We utilize resources that may not be easily available to you, such as skip-tracing (investigation) tools to find missing debtors, in-field collections, and legal forwarding.

I don't want my image in the industry to be damaged by using a collection agency to help me recover my lost profits.

At CRB, we pride ourselves in using a principled and professional approach to debt collection that set us apart from our competitors. Many prospective clients of ours have asked that we maintain their relationship with their customer although they are placing them for collections. Many of our clients simply don't have the time, resources, or patience, to follow up with their slow or late payers. As a rule of thumb, we at CRB will always treat your customers with a level of professionalism that you would want from somebody working on your accounts.

Pre-Collection Solutions

My customer's account is not over 60 days old, but I still want help collecting these accounts. Can you help?

We can still collect on accounts that are not too delinquent. We have many clients that outsource their receivables to us even before they are 60 days outstanding. Our approach to these accounts is diplomatic and professional and your customers are treated with the care that you would expect out of someone working on your accounts.

Do you offer a letter-writing ("pre-collection") service?

A good way to test your debtor's intent of paying your invoice is by taking advantage of our letter-writing service. For a flat rate, we will send up to three letters to your debtor, each increasing in urgency, over a period of 30 days. There is no additional fee if your debtor pays as a result of this service. We will include your company's return envelopes with our letter so their payment goes straight to you.

Do you sell business credit reports?

Yes. We are an authorized Experian data provider and credit report reseller.

Whether you need a quick glance, or an in-depth look into your customer's credit, with Experian credit reports, you have choices. Here are some types of reports that we offer:

Business Profile Report (BPR) - A full detailed report with information ranging from public records, to payment histories, to background information on your customer.

Business Summary Report (BSR) -A one-page summary on the company's financial history.

Commercial Intelliscore Report (CIR) -A one page report that gives current trade information, legal filings, and collections. Plus a prediction of a company's financial future.

Small Business Intelliscore Report (SBIR) -An insight to the risks associated with a business and its owners.

We frequently run specials with our credit reports, so please call our office to see what we have available for you!

The Collection Process

How do I place an account for collections?

Placing an account for collections with CRB is fast and easy. All we need is a placement form, statement, and/or the original invoice to begin the collection process.

Please see our "Submit Account" page or call our office at 877-699-6477 if you have an account that you'd like us to work for you.

What methods are used to collect my debt?

  • Letters
  • Impacting Credit
  • Phone Calls
  • E-mails
  • Faxes
  • Skip-Tracing (Investigation)
  • In-Field (Face to Face) Collections
  • Legal Forwarding

Please reference our debt recovery page for more information.

What can you do if our customer has disconnected phone numbers or mail-return?

While this is typically not a good indication of a company in good-standing, there are steps we can do to try to reach your customer or somebody responsible for paying the debt. We have in-house skip-tracers that are able to search numerous databases to find alternate phone numbers, addresses, or other contact information for your customer that may not be provided in a basic search. We can also easily determine who the owner or registered agent of your debtor is, and try to reach these individuals.

If your debtor is a "skip" (meaning it will require skip-trace investigation), please include any info on your debtor that you think would be useful to us. Any correspondence, contact names, dates, addresses, phone numbers, etc., will be of use to us.

Reporting, Remittance, and Results

How will I be informed of the status of my accounts placed in collections?

At the end of every month, we will mail to you a report on active debtors and an overall statement of accouns with their statuses. If you would rather monitor your accounts online, we will give you a unique user-name and password to login to our Client Access Web (CAW) system, where you can monitor your accounts 24/7.

How often am I remitted my collected funds?

We remit our collected funds to you at the end of every month.